Arab Union of Customs Executives


Dr. Mamdouh Rifai, President of the Union has participated in the 4th Arab Forum for Maritime Disputes Resolution entitled "Maritime Transport Economics and Strategies for Sustainable Development" in the context of the Arab Union's approach to customs and activities that serve Arab inter-Arab trade, and cooperation between the Arab countries, after the invitation addressed to Dr. Mamdouh Rifai by the Justice Academy for Legal and Economic Studies in partnership with the General Authority of Alexandria Port and in cooperation with the Association of  (LMAA).

The meeting started with an opening speech by the Admiral / Reda Ismail, head of the Maritime Transport Sector. He thanked the attendees for inviting and participation in the activities of the forum, which serves to promote intra-Arab trade. After that, Major General Medhat Attia, Chairman of Alexandria Port Authority, stressed the role of Arab Ports. The meeting was attended by Dr. Sonia Ashour, Representative of (LMAA), followed by a speech by Dr. Ibrahim Fahmy, President of the Justice Academy for Legal and economic Studies.

The meeting discussed many issues related to maritime transport, including the risks facing the maritime transport industry. The attendees discussed the role of insurance and protection and compensation in the maritime transport industry (P & I).  Dr. Captain /Montaser Al-Sokari, the international maritime expert and the symposium manager pointed out to the role of insurance in the Maritime Transport Industry, as well as the Arab Maritime Commercial Transport Industry between reality and hope. The forum also dealt with securing the owners of ships. The Saudi experience in the maritime transport sector was discussed by the advisor Dr. Abdul Razzaq Hashem Al Madani, Chairman of the Founding Council of the Cooperative Society in Jeddah, and how to circulate them to the rest of the Arab countries, as well as the mutual insurance for the owners of ships.

At the end of the first day of this forum, It is worth mentioning that, a workshop was held on "Investigation of Maritime Events and Ship Safety Rules". The workshop included showing of documentary films on maritime accidents