Arab Union of Customs Executives


With a delegation composed of Mr. Sameer Abu Al-Nasr, Secretary-General, Mr. Mohammed Sakkran, Assistant Secretary General, the Arab Union for Customs Executives (AUCE) has participated in the preliminary meeting for the First International Conference on ‘Sustainable Investment’. The conference is scheduled to be held in October 2019. The AUCE participations comes within the frame of the AUCE plan to contribute to Joint Arab Action.


The meeting was inaugurated by a speech delivered by HE Ambassador Mohammed Al-Rabei, Secretary-General of Arab Economic Unity Council. Ambassador Al-Rabei expressed his gratefulness for attendance; and added that the Council of Arab Economic Unity (CAEU), since its inception, has been seeking after achieving the Arab Economic Integration. To this aim, four (4) Arab investment firms, under the umbrella of the CAEU, have been set up. Among the four investment firms are the Arab Company for Livestock Development, Academia Pharmaceutical Co., and the Iraq-based Arab Mining and Industry Company.


Ambassador Al-Rabei further pointed out that the volume of intra-Arab trade has remained very high for a very long period ranging from 8.5 to 10 %. Nevertheless, this volume has dropped to 1.5-2 % -- adding that we must focus our efforts on sustainable investment in education and health. Should we achieve success in this drive, the Arab Nation would take the lead again as it was before.


Samir Abu Al-Nasr, AUCE Secretary-General, told that in order to achieve a vision of the Arab economic integration of sustainable development, it is necessary to take some measures, such as but not limited to acceleration of issuing a consolidated Arab Customs Act – a step towards a consolidated Arab Customs Union. In fact, this is one of the AUCE objectives. Similarly, measures shall be taken in order to issue a consolidated Customs Tariff, and set up a pure Arab joint venture firm for Arab Transportation (Land, Maritime, and Air Transport) comparable to foreign firms and companies commonly used by the Arab more than foreigners themselves. Additionally, a single entry point shall be enforced and activated.     


Abu Al-Nasr further added that the AUCE has submitted to CAEU a study to facilitate procedures at customs outlets as being one of the mechanisms of Arab economic integration


The meeting was attended by environmental expert, General Majdi El Sharkawy, Chairman of the Arab Environment Society, Prof. Dr. Magdy Malouk, Consultant Eng. Mahmoud El Maharyqi, in addition to a number of members affiliated to specialized Arab unions. During the meeting, a role model was presented for the virtuous world