Arab Union of Customs Executives

The Arab Union of Customs Executives participated in a regional workshop

The Arab Union of Customs Executives, represented by Dr. Mamdouh Rifai, the president of union, participated in a regional workshop that was held in Amman, Jordan under the supervision of the World Customs Organization in cooperation with the Jordanian Customs dept. from 23 to 25 April 2019.

The workshop discussed a list of guidance presented by Mr. Giovica and Mr. Jaroslaw, "WCO experts" including about 150 points about the subjects of  the transit exchange, crossing points, economic operator, transparency, preventing of corruption, guarantees, collecting of the shipments fees and guarantees and transit methods in the Arab countries.

Large number of customs departments  representatives in the Arab countries (Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, Qatar, Morocco, Palestine, Bahrain, Algeria, Sudan, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Yemen and Iraq) attended the workshop and presented their vision for these subjects according the pointviews of the customs departments in their countries also the application method of these points in Arab customs departments were discussed and how to get use of these points in increasing trade exchange between the Arab countries.


Because of the importance of the transit trade for the customs Departments in the regions of North Africa ,Near east and Middle East, this workshop is considered as  intended to hold a qualitative change in the process of trade facilitation and control and provide more facilities for transit trade and other types of trade in the future. Where the World Customs Organization (WCO) adopted this year the slogan "Smart borders for smooth trade, travel and transportation"".

At the end of the workshop, the WCO experts and all the participating delegations thanked the Jordanian Customs dept. for the excellent hospitality and organization of the workshop which was praised and appreciated by all the attendants.