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The Lebanese Customs for the first time in the history auction with a revenue equals one billion and 279 million lira

The General manager of Lebanese Customs, Mr. Badri zaher, announced that for the first time in the history of the Lebanese Customs, in the framework of implementing its plan to prevent venality and wasting of public funds. In order to provide the revenues for the treasury and activate the movement at the port of Beirut, the general directorate of customs will make sale by public auction which is The largest of its kind, it will offer in this auction large quantities of left and retained for selling against the local consumption or re-export rates , including: automobiles - household tools - printing machines - furniture - electric tools - motorcycles, weighing a total of 1320 tons, the selling according to the follows conditions terms:

1-         The sold goods are exempted from all consequent costs and fees

2-         The payment of the goods value in cash, The purchaser, winning bidder, is entitled to dispose of the goods as if it is from abroad, has the right to give it all the status permitted by the applicable laws and regulations, provided that the removal of restrictions if any.

3-   the winner bidders, the purchaser(beneficiaries) will loading and pick up The goods within one week from the date of selling.

Mr. Badri zaher indicates that this auction is a step in the framework of stopping wasting of public fund and disclosed that this auction provided the treasury with a revenue equals "one billion and 279 million lira" i.e the value of  74 containers and therefore provide  the treasury with fund that was wasted and left even if it was left for a longer period its value  would be wasted  more and more, he said that theses goods is about  (10%) the reserved goods at Dockyard of the port , as well as giving space within the port about 25 thousand square meter which was occupied by the goods without benefit and loss of revenue at the same time, the increased claim for widening the port by expensive costs of 270 million dollars for landfilling the 4th vessel basin.

He considered that this step will save much funds for the state, saving the areas which are occupied by these goods without providing renting charge to the state and sale of these goods provided areas ,spaces in the port which will be useful for the process of port widening which is intended by the state

The news is quoted by Lebanese customs