Arab Union of Customs Executives

The Arab Union of Customs Brokers participates in the Arab Meeting Held to Negotiate the Mechanisms Necessary for Investment and Trade Development

In the meeting held to five suitable mechanisms for the investment and trade development in the Arab countries, the Arab Union of Customs Clearers participated the said meeting held in Cairo on November 26, 2019 with the participation of the member countries of the Council of Arab Economic Unity and the League of Arab States.

The Secretary General of the Council of Arab Economic Unity said that the General Secretariat of the Council of Economic Unity has made many achievements recently in the field of economic seminars and conferences and the signing of investment agreements between some Arab federations and the Palestinian Ministry of Economy to promote Arab action among Arab countries, and all what mentioned is a result of specialized quality of the Arab unions, which included in the scope of the unit council.

Al-Rabie pointed out that Africa has a great history of cooperaion with the Arab countries. The relationship between the Arab countries and Africa started since the dawn of Islam when our Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) ordered his companions to immigrate to Al-Habasha (Ethiopia). Arab countries should return strongly to the continent rich in natural and human resources.

The meeting dealt with a number of important topics, including the completion of the analytical study of investment opportunities available in the comprehensive sectors of the member countries such as (Jordan - Iraq - Palestine – Egypt(

The meeting discusses a study on the revolution of the fourth generation of energy and artificial intelligence as a main entry point for sustainable development. The Arab world is linked to success factors that can be invested in achieving the requirements of sustainable development, which depends on the security of energy, water and environmental protection.

The meeting discovers a study on the launch of a smart electronic platform in the Arab world to support trade exchange and inter-Arab logistics support services, as well as a strategic mechanism for the development of natural productive groups.

 The meeting discussed the report and recommendations of the meeting of companies working in the field of packaging to discuss the establishment of "a joint Arab company holding company."

The meeting also discussed the executive plan of the recommendations of the symposium on agricultural investment in the Arab world, and stated that the main objective of the plan is to increase food production in the Arab world to bridge the Arab food gap and achieve Arab food security.

The meeting was attended by Mr. Samir Abou El-Nasr, Secretary General of the Arab Union, Mr. Rana El-Gamal, Director of the Office of the President of the Union, Dr. Islam Karem, Advisor to the President of the Union, and Mr. Mohamed Sakran, Assistant Secretary General