Arab Union of Customs Executives

The Arab Union of Customs Brokers signs a cooperation Agreement with the Arab Federation of Chamber of Shipping

In pursuit of its objectives supporting the interest of the economic client and the Arab world and In the light of the plan of the Union, the Arab Union of Customs Brokers signed a cooperation agreement with the Arab Federation of Chamber of Shipping with the Secretary General: Major General Bahary / Mohsen Al-Masri on the sidelines of the 51st regular meeting of the Arab Unions. Working within the scope of the Council of Economic Unity held on 27 November 2019 in the Egyptian capital, Cairo.

The agreement aims at enhancing cooperation in the field of maritime transport and logistics, enhancing maritime safety and security, efficient navigation and sustainability in shipping, efficient use of new technologies, education and training, and management of maritime traffic, for a better future.

The meeting was attended by Ambassador Mohamed Mohamed Al-Rabie, Secretary General of the Economic Unity Council, representatives of the Arab unions, which bear the expertise and professionalism that qualifies them to build joint Arab action, representatives of the member states of the Arab League and a number of ministries and concerned authorities in the Arab countries.

The meeting discusses the means of developing Arab-African cooperation and prospects of cooperation, and the extent of providing a full range of transport and logistics services in the field of industry and foreign trade with East African countries.

In this regard, Fathi Abdel Azim, Advisor to the Minister of Investment and International Cooperation, pointed out that in the Arab world, we have the most promising resources, opportunities and opportunities for investment in Africa and we need Arab economic integration through the exploitation of the expertise and potential of the Arab unions besides the private sector and the business sector

In addition to the proposals and studies submitted to the Council of Arab Economic Unity from the various Arab unions on the vision of the Unions on the objectives of sustainable development, the role of geographical names in the development of the economies of Arab countries, Judaization of geographical names in Palestine, and the unification of geographical names

The General Secretariat of the Council of Economic Unity provided the activities and achievements of the Arab Unions for the years 2018-2019 and the Plan of Action for 2020.

The it discussed the recommendations of the 50th  regular meeting of the specific Arab federations entitled "Jerusalem - the capital of Palestine", and approved the implementation of some of the recommendations such as the establishment of an Arab conference for investment in Palestine, and the formation of a committee to follow up the results and recommendations in order to enable the Palestinian economy, and vote on the accession of some unions to the Council Unit.