Rights and Obligations of Operating / Working Member (Members of the Board of Directors - Members of the General Assembly):

Operating/Working Memberrefersto the member, who participated in the foundation of the Union or joined it after it was based on the acceptance of the Board of Directors to apply for membership. A –Features of Membership:
  • To mention on all his publications, papers and documents that he is a member of the Arab Union of Customs Executives with the use of the Union’s logo
  • Participate in, and vote in, ordinary and extraordinary general assembly meetings
  • Nominate a representative to act on his behalf in the Board of Directors
  • To run for the Union’s Presidencyand provide a program that serves the Union effectively
  • Obtain an ID card stating that the Member has a detailed ID card
  • Attend conferences and seminars held by the Union
  • Obtain a copy of the magazine issued by the Union
  • Participate in the researches and studies that the Union wishes to prepare
  • Membership in the committees set up by the Union
  • To be informed of the publications, studies, researches and programs issued by the Union
  • Meetings of the General Assembly (once a year) or the Board of Directors (twice a year) at the expense of the Union

B –Obligations:

  • Payment of assessed contributions on time
  • Contribute to raise the level of the Customs Clearance Profession in his country
  • Adherence to the Statutes of the Union and the rules governing it
  • Participate in research, studies and committees working on the development of the profession of customs executives carried out by the Union when asked to do so
  • Never to directly or indirectly assault or harm any member of the Union
  • Provide the Union with any laws or regulations pertaining to the Customs ExecutivesProfession issued in his country
  • Inform members of the association, union or society in his country of the standards, rules and professional programs issued by the Union and encourage them to adopt them and work with them if they do not conflict with the laws of his country

Privileges and Obligations of the Observer Member:

Similar to the rights and obligations of the operating/working member except voting in the meetings held by the General Assembly, as well as participation in the elections and nomination for Presidency and membership of the Board of Directors, which remain confined to working members.No financial commitment is reserved for the Observer Member in respect of attending meetings.

Privileges and Benefits of the Associate Member:

The Associate Member refers to each member applying for membership in the Union through a membership form; and whose application form has been processed by the Board of Directors.
Following are the advantages and privileges of the Associate Member:
  • Participation in academic and professional activities of the Union
  • 20% rebate in all training courses and workshops held by the Union
  • Priority be given in writing subjects in the Journal of the Union after being approved by the concerned party
  • Obtaining all updates and circulars issued by the Customs or related authorities in his country