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Application for membership

Following are the services and privileges offered by the Union to its associate members (individuals):

Associate Member:

Associate Member refers to each and every member applying for having membership in the Union through a membership subscription form and approved by the Board of Directors.

Privileges and Benefits of the Associate Member:

  • Participation in the Union’s academic and professional activities
  • Obtaining a AUCE’s Membership Card
  • Use the Union’s logo on official publications and papers of the member
  • Include the member's name on the AUCE’s official portal
  • Having 20% rebate in all training courses and workshops held by the Union
  • Provide members with abstracts of studies and researchto be presented at Union’sConferences in advance, if not announced
  • Having priority in writing topics within the Journal of the Union after being approved by the AUCE’s Media Committee
  • Obtaining all updates and circulars issued by Customs Departments or related authorities in the member’s country
  • Opportunities to meet and achieve an operational cooperation partnership between associate members of various Arab countries under the umbrella of the Union
  • The Union may plead with Customs Department in case oflawsuitsbrought into action against the consignee after having a POAduly authorized by the customs executive.
Annual Fees of Subscription/Membershipis US $ 200

To apply for membership, please download the application form and drop it to the Union's e-mail address