Arab Union of Customs Executives

President of the Arab Union of Customs Clearers Organizes a Regional Workshop on Exporting to Africa

The activities of the regional workshop organized by the Arab Union of Customs Clearers, under presidency of Dr. Mamdouh Al-Rifai, President of the Union, began today, Wednesday, in cooperation with Train Company on exporting the Arab exports to African markets (opportunities and challenges)

The inaugural session started with the welcoming of Dr. Mamdouh Al-Rifai to the attendees; he pointed out that this workshop comes within the framework of the Union's work plan for the year 2020 and includes a series of workshops and seminars; and within the framework of implementing the goals of the Union for which it was established and which serve the Arab citizen and economy, especially with regard to exporting the Arab exports to other markets;

 It will shed light on the export opportunities and guarantee export to African markets; the current challenges and how to overcome them for Arab and African economic integration;

Africa is a promising market for export and import, provided with many opportunities to increase trade exchange between Arab countries

Mr. Ibrahim Dashti, Head of Customs Affairs at the General Administration of Kuwaiti Customs, said that the cooperation between the Union and Kuwaiti customs is fruitful. The Union has achieved many accomplishments on the ground, in addition to the many advantages it provides to the union's employees. We look forward to this workshop being an effective tool for exporting to Africa and a nucleus for signing New agreements in African countries to provide the appropriate environment for import and export in order to advance at a steady pace, such as pre-clearance, electronic payment and electronic documents attachment to link between Arab and African countries and in order to overcome the prevailing problems.

As for Dr. Tamer Mahmoud, CEO of Train Company, he pointed out that this workshop is the beginning of cooperation between the Arab Union of Customs Brokers and Train Company with the aim of shedding light on the advantages and capabilities available in the African markets through a successful practical experience for entrepreneurs in the African market.

The symposium included several aspects: the future of African economic integration, customs privileges and exemptions when exporting to those markets; the future of Arab economic integration and trade relations with African countries; current challenges and export assurance when exporting to African markets; current challenges and export assurance when exporting to African markets; and how to overcome challenges that Facing entrepreneurs when exporting to the African market: a successful business experience for an entrepreneur in the African market

The workshop was attended by Dr. Mamdouh Al-Rifai, President of the Arab Union of Customs Clearers and the accompanying delegation, and with the participation of some bodies such as the Council of Arab Economic Unity, Kuwaiti Customs, the Egyptian Customs Authority, the Trade Agreements Sector, the Union of Egyptian Industries and the Arab Union for Measurement and Standardization, the Arab Union for Dates and a number of export companies and business sector leading companies.

Tomorrow we will provide you with the activities of the next day and the most important recommendations and suggestions related to the said workshop