Arab Union of Customs Executives

The Arab Union of Customs Clearers continues the workshop events to export to Africa

The activities of the second day of the workshop organized to export the Arab products to African markets (opportunities and challenges) started with the speech of His Excellency Ambassador Mohamed Rabie, Secretary-General of the Arab Economic Unity Council, where he expressed his happiness in attending such initiatives and ideas through which our Arab nation could be a distinguished location in light of Economic collisions and Arab developments, as Africa has an important geographical and economic position.

He praised the great effort by Dr. Mamdouh Al-Rifai, head of the Arab Union of Customs Clearers; and he made it clear that despite the union is Walid, he has gone a long way and achieved many of his goals by communicating with Arab and international organizations and institutions.

He also stressed the importance of training as we seek to have qualified people through training as we seek a great effort to develop and add to our information and expertise.

It will be followed by a review of what was done during the activities of the first day during which a number of recommendations and proposals were finalized; the Arab Union of Customs Clearers presented a proposal for the specific Arab unions to conduct a field visit to a number of African countries to find opportunities to increase trade exchange between Arab and African countries; implement a series of workshops To spread awareness and promote Arab exports and their access to African markets; discuss a mechanism for establishing an Arab-African electronic platform to exchange all information on the market and opportunities for trade exchange; discuss the possibility of cooperation between the fleeing private sector to choose an Arab country / African to be the center of the entry into force of Arab exports to the market through free trade agreements; activating the national and national role of qualitative Arab unions to become a locomotive for the development of Arab exports to African markets; offer recommendations to the parties participating in the workshop to discuss ways and means of activation.

His Excellency the ambassador retrieved his speech that we have Arab and African countries that are a reservoir of resources and wealth and the real pillar of economic policy; the Arab trade must develop; therefore we are keen through this workshop to hold an expanded meeting through the Union to activate Arab and African relations to prepare an Arab economic base to open an Arab window with the countries The other; we are also keen to prepare ourselves to deal with the African Union.

 He pointed out that the workshop has an important role in highlighting exports to Africa, and it paves the way for a large conference that brings together ministries, sectors and relevant bodies.

He also stressed the importance of those recommendations to achieve what is positive on the ground, and the Unification Council will support the Union in implementing these recommendations

Dr. Mamdouh Al-Rifa’i explained that the union is fully prepared to hold seminars and workshops in cooperation with the Egyptian Customs Authority, the Ports Authority, the Export and Import Control Authority, the Cairo Chamber of Commerce and related authorities, in order to complement the union’s progress towards achieving its goals to serve the Arab economy and the Arab world. Al-Rifai also extended thanks to all the attendees and stressed that the Union will make its utmost efforts to activate the recommendations and communicate with all parties to start the actual positive steps. At the end of the meeting, His Excellency Ambassador Al-Rabie, Dr. Al-Rifai and Train Company handed over certificates of honor to the attendees of the workshop.