Arab Union of Customs Executives

Dr. Mamdouh Al-Rifai, Online, Concludes the Events of the training session (Supply Customs Procedures)

The activities of the training session on " Supply Customs Procedures ", held today by the Arab Union of Customs Clearers headed by Dr. Mamdouh Al-Rifai, were concluded after continuance for a period of five days, and 17 trainees from the Arab Republic of Egypt and some Arab countries, and the dialogues headed by experts in the field of customs, supply and foreign trade

Dr. Mamdouh Al-Rifai, from his part, thanked the participants and the chairmen and the union's team for the efforts made to support the economic efforts in all Arab countries and qualify them to open markets and increase the size of the Arab economy

Al-Rifai added that such sessions contribute to raising awareness and qualifying the customs broker, supplier and importer depending on the mechanisms of work and providing consultations and technical support.

nonetheless, he added that this session comes within the framework of achieving the federation's action plan and its goals of raising awareness of the mechanisms of customs activity and spreading customs culture to avail the economic dealer by providing the trainees with the rules of completing supply operations and exploring import opportunities to open new markets and raise the movement of trade and the Arab economy

 At the end of the session, it was noted that the certificates would be delivered by sending them to the participants by  both electronic and paper means.