After the Arab approval to establish a common Arab market and overcome the difficulties and obstacles to intra-trade, the idea of ​​establishing an Arab union for customs brokers was established to include all organizations, institutions and customs clearance companies in the Arab world. In order to enable these institutions and companies to operate under a legal umbrella and an official entity recognized by the Arabs. In order to protect the Arab investor as well as the Arab consumer and raise awareness of his rights approved by the General Assembly of the United Nations resolution No. 248/39 on 9 April 1985 to ensure compliance in all countries of the Arab world, especially at this stage, which adopted new economic systems and policies in most Arab countries, which has become with the presence of organizations to protect the customs duty is necessary to reduce the negative effects of the application of these policies on the Arab consumer and maximize the pros.

Advisor: Dr. Mamdouh A. Al-Rifai -
President of the Arab Union of Customs Executives

Establishment of the Union: The Federation was established in accordance with the Regulations of the Union of Arab Specialized Specialized Unions and its Basic Provisions Convention, which was adopted by the Council of Arab Economic Unity at its thirty-eighth session (Resolution No. 820 / D 38 dated 2/12/1981). The Arab Republic of Egypt ratified the Regulations and the Convention under the Presidential Decree No. 103 of 2006 and ratified by the People's Assembly. The document of ratification was deposited with the General Secretariat of the Council of Arab Economic Unity in August 2006. The Council of Arab Economic Unity, at its 104th session on 25/05/2017, approved by decision No. 1737 / D 104 the request of the Arab Union of Customs Brokers on joining the Arab Union Specialized in the scope of the Council. The Federation has its administrative and financial independence. The Federation's headquarters in Cairo and its branches and offices enjoy the privileges and immunities provided for in the Agreement on the Privileges and Immunities of the Council of Arab Economic Unity, as well as in agreement with the concerned countries. The members of the Board of Directors of the Union, the Advisory Council, the Permanent Secretariat and the heads of the branches and offices of the Union shall enjoy the privileges and immunities provided for in the Agreement on the Privileges and Immunities of the Council of Arab Economic Unity, as well as in accordance with the agreement of the States concerned.

Our mission

The establishment of a joint Arab economic renaissance and reducing the difficulties and constraints that confront us in this field, which in turn lead to increased intra-intra-Arab trade.

Our Mission

Professional work - taking into account the law and justice in performance.

Our vision

The Arab Federation of Customs Executives has been formed to contribute to the customs work between our Arab countries and to improve the joint performance between the customs employee, the customs broker and the importer through the maximum utilization of the potentials. Which are available as part of the Arab economic development, using the success of God Almighty and then accredited to colleagues and join their efforts to serve and make this Union a success.


  • 26 Jan 2020


    On occasion of the celebration of the World Customs Day, the Arab Union of Customs Executives (AUCE) presents its sincere congratulations to Chairman of the World Customs Organization, wishing the continued progress and development of the World Customs Organization.             He also extends his sincere congratulations to the heads and managers of Arab Customs Departments in the Arab world, wishing to improve the Arab More ...

  • 20 Jan 2020

    The Arab Union of Customs Clearers continues the workshop events to export to Africa

    The activities of the second day of the workshop organized to export the Arab products to African markets (opportunities and challenges) started with the speech of His Excellency Ambassador Mohamed Rabie, Secretary-General of the Arab Economic Unity Council, where he expressed his happiness in attending such initiatives and ideas through which our Arab nation could be a distinguished location in light of Economic collisions and Arab developments, as Africa has an important geographical More ...

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