Arab Union of Customs Executives

Holding of a Series of Electronic Seminars on (the Electronic Collection and Payment System

The Arab Union of Customs Clearers has started a series of electronic seminars aimed at linking the roots of communication between bodies and organizations, the business sector and economic dealers

 Today, the Union headed by Dr. Mamdouh Al-Rifai, and in cooperation with the Electronic Collection and Payment Department of the Egyptian Customs Authority and e-finance, held the second symposium titled The Electronic Collection and Payment System for Customs Dealers and its role in facilitating customs procedures and reducing the release time online.

And under sole participation of the members of the export councils and economic dealers (exporters, importers, customs brokers and supply chains(

In this regard, Dr. Mamdouh Al-Rifai, President of the Arab Union of Customs Clearers, explained that this chain is in line with the union’s commitment to its work plan and to achieve its goals of raising awareness among customs dealers and developing customs work, in a way that contributes to facilitating trade movement and reducing release time.

Mr. Ahmed Ismail, Head of the E-Payment Advisors Sector at e-Finance, then thanked the Federation for its interest in these effective and coordinated organizations with the actors and bodies involved in producing a coordinated work based on scientific foundations, and continued that the Union has an active role in raising the level of customs clearance, and that the customs brokers plays a role in the success of the customs system and making the same easier for those dealing with customs

He added that this system aims to create a distinct investment climate, to facilitate the dealers and reduce the release time, and all matters are under the interest of the investor and the customs system.

Professor Hala Mohamed, Director General of the Electronic Collection and Payment Department at the Egyptian Customs Authority, also indicated that the electronic collection system has been activated in order to develop customs work in line with technology methods to perform a distinct customs service in line with the requirements of the commercial community.

In light of the follow-up, she explained that work is constantly being done to meet the needs of the commercial community, so it is essential to make study to provide electronic collection services over a 24-hour period to further facilitate customs procedures and reduce the release time

Mr. Mohamed Adel, Head of the Electronic Collection and Payment Department at the Customs Authority discussed the electronic collection and payment system and its impact on reducing the release time, then Mustafa Awad, Vice President of the Operating Sector at the e-Finance, talked about what e-Finance is and its role in the digital transformation in the Arab Republic of Egypt, Ahmed Gamal Odeh, Senior Manager of Banking Sales at - Finance, spoke about what is the electronic collection and payment service for CPS duties provided to customers dealing with Egyptian customs.