Arab Union of Customs Executives

Arab Union of Customs Executives "AUCE" Discusses Challenges of Customs Ports in Arab Republic of Egypt (Online)

In line with continuous communication, interaction, and consultation with business and trade community, all authorities and organization related to customs work and all economic clients, as Arab Union of Customs Executives "AUCE" is keen on strengthening the relations and partnership with business sector and the concerned bodies. And within the frame of AUCE tireless pursuit to achieve its objectives including facilitating Arab trade movement and the procedures to serve clients whether the customs executive, importer, or exporter as well as working on overcoming the challenges and obstacles they face.

Today, at one o'clock in the morning, the online forum to discuss the challenges in customs ports in Egypt and proposals to eliminate the clearance time has been launched. The forum is headed by Chairman of Arab Union of Customs Executives Dr. Mamdouh Al-Refaei.

The forum aims to identify the difficulties and challenges in applying customs procedures in customs ports especially with regard to the customs assessment or approving the price in customs ports along with introducing the proposals that may help reduce time of goods clearance.

During the forum, customs executives, importers, and exporters presented certain problems they face currently in applying customs procedures in customs ports including delay in goods clearance, lack of knowledgeable experts able to provide solutions that may avoid delay affecting the trading process progress.

Participants discussed specific proposals that help eliminate goods clearance time to develop and facilitate customs work. Proposals included organizing work cycle in the customs managements, reducing disputes through applying risk management, quick decision making, and the necessity to electronic link.

Then, representative of Taxes & Customs Committee submitted a proposal, within the cooperation protocol frame, to report these challenges after being studied to the related bodies in the concerned authorities in the Federation of Egyptian Industries along with establishing a conception for solution in coordination with Arab Union of Customs Executives.

From its side, AUCE assured that the proposals submitted shall be worked on during the coming period. In addition, other forums are going to be held in Egypt and other countries.