Arab Union of Customs Executives

Journalist Samir Rajab, Chairman of the Board and Editor-in-chief

Journalist Samir Rajab, Chairman of the Board and Editor-in-chief of “The Republic” Gazette, has received in Cairo a delegation of Arab Union of Customs Executives (AUCE) headed by Dr. Mamdouh Al-Refaei.

A number of issues relevant to the Customs Executives were discussed during the meeting. The meeting had also shed light on the AUCE, its objectives, activities and steps taken during the last period thru communication with entities, corporation, firms, companies and individuals in Arab countries.

Dr. Mamdouh Al-Refaei pointed out that AUCE has already initiated in executing positive steps in terms of Customs Executives, such as the following:

-          A Day dedicated to the Customs Executive – it is the fifth day of May annually

-          A new official portal/website is about to be launched in order to have access to appropriate information; and help connecting Customs Executives, Customs Departments, Sea Ports, Ministry of Trade, and all stakeholders.

-          Signing several agreements with Arab Customs Department

-          Holding workshops and training courses

-          Establishment of Customs Science Academy

Mr. Samir highly praised the steps and information and asked whether or not the Customs Executive position has any requirement.

Dr. Mamdouh Al-Refaei pointed out that the Customs Executive should have a university degree, no criminal record, in addition to a training course held by the Customs. Dr. Al-Refaei asserted that the AUCE has also a number of prerequisites for subscription since the AUCE member has several benefits and privileges.

Rajab has praised the defense of Dr. Al-Refaei for Customs Executives; and further added that both media and press are always keen to seek the truth. Therefore, information shall be verified. He added that he would review his information as the news is sometimes subject to modification because of lack of information.

The journalist pointed out that the Customs is always blamed; and holds the lion’s share of accountability. As the Customs performs its duties and responsibilities, other sectors are the entities that might be blamed for delay. Customs is an executive rather than legislative entity. Now, media is the platform for information and data exchange, yet with several disadvantages.

Rajab further added that the AUCE is a new organization that has a clear vision in terms of caring for and development of the Customs Executive, providing information necessary for executive apparatuses.

In the end, Rajab thanked Dr. Al-Refaei, AUCE Director, for his initiative to explain the situation and provide the necessary information. Rajab also added that press is mainly concerned with the truth. He further promised to highlight the fact and all information about the Customs Executive. Moreover, he promised that he would support the Customs Executives in a press article in the near future.

The meeting was attended by AUCE Director-General, Dr. Mamdouh Al-Refaei, Ms. Rana Al-Jamal, Manager of AUCE Director-General’s Office, Mr. Mohammed Fathi, PR Manager, and Ms. Mariana Mahfouz, AUCE Media Sector Manager.