Arab Union of Customs Executives


The 38th session activity at the Arab league site was held on 29 August. Dr. Mamdouh Alrefae customs clearance Arabic union manager attended the meeting held under participation of all Arabic countries and customs manager, to review the recent developments reached by the customs union managers, customs tariff, customs procedures and communication between them.

And under side discussions, Mr. Kamal Nagm, general manager of Egyptian customs, stressed the enhancement of agreement and development of customs brokers training program.

Consultant /Jamal Hadel Al-Jalawi, general manager of Kuwait customs discusses the possibility to establish Arabic intra regional trade, in addition, Dr. Basheer Al-Taher Basheer reviewed the development of customs brokers procedures in the ports and airports. Mr. Badri Dhahir, general manager of Lebanon customs discussed the clearance movement in the customs ports rather than putting a work plan to fight trade fraud and imitated goods

Mutual cooperative agreements were concluded with the general managers of Oman sultanate, Tunis, Bahrain, Libya

Hereunder the matters witnessed by the session during such meetings*

- Development of mutual work to encourage protocols

- Development of new ideas in the customs trustee training

- New ideas in the customs trustees training

- A program will be made to fight trade forgery and imitated goods

- Supporting the Arabic intra-trade cooperation

- Customs clearance movement and developing the customs trustees in the customs ports and airports

- Determine the customs trustee responsibility and duties

- Establish Arabic intra regional trade

- Customs movement and developing brokers’ procedure in the ports and airports

- Determination of customs trustee responsibility and tasks