Arab Union of Customs Executives

Tunisian Customs hosts Dr. Rifai in her 62nd Anniversary

Mr. Youssef Al-Zawaghi, Director-General of Tunisian Customs, has warmly welcomed Chairman of Arab Union for Customs Executive (AUCE), Dr.Mamdouh Al-Refaei, in the headquarters of Customs Department. Such event comes within the frame of the 62ndanniversary held by the Department on occasion of Nationalization/Tunisization.   

A number of Arab economic issues of interest to the Arab Citizen have been discussed during the meeting. As well, the meeting discussed definition, objectives, and activities of the AUCE in addition to its steps taken during the last period of time through communication with authorities and entities in the Arab countries. Also tackled was the mechanism necessary to improve and upgrade inter-Arab Trade and the significance of the role played by the Customs to counter fraud, customs evasion and combating shadow economy.

Dr. Refaei praised the efforts exerted by the Tunisian Customs in combating smuggling, commercial fraud, counterfeiting and protection of IPR’s. This is evident in the amount of prohibitedquantities that were presented at the customs exhibition in celebration of the 62nd anniversary for nationalization/Tunisization of the Customs Department.

Dr. Refaei, chairman of the Arab Union of Customs Executives (AUCE), said that the AUCE has signed cooperation agreements with Egyptian, Kuwaiti, Sudanese and Lebanese Customs, and has submitted draft cooperation agreements for Saudi, Jordanian, UAE, Bahraini, Omani and Moroccan Customs in order to achieve the desired cooperation in other customs in Arab countries to achieve economic integration.

Director General of the Tunisian Customs Department, Mr. Youssef Al-Zawaghi, welcomed AUCE Director General, Dr. Al-Refaei, who briefed him on the nature of the Union and the aim of developing trade exchange between the Arab countries and the efforts made by the Union during the last period in the Arab countries in order to reach Arab economic integration.


At the end of the fruitful meeting, the AUCE Chairman, Dr. Refaei, presented a draft cooperation agreement between the AUCE and the General Directorate of the Tunisian Customs Department within the framework of the AUCE's action plan for the rapprochement between the Arab Customs to serve the economy, Arab citizens and inter-Arab trade.

On his part, HE Mr. Youssef Al-Zawaghi, presented a letter of thanks to Dr. Al-Refaei, for his presence and congratulations to the Director-General of the Tunisian Customs Department on occasion of the 62nd anniversary of the Tunisian Customs Department.