Arab Union of Customs Executives

Dr. Mamdouh Rifai and Samir Majoul Signed a Joint Cooperation Protocol

At the Tunisian Union headquarters, in Tunisia, Dr. Rifai and Mr. Samir Majoul, President of the Tunisian Union for Industry, Commerce and Handicrafts, signed a protocol for joint cooperation on Wednesday 30 October 2019. This taken place within the framework of the Union's plan to achieve its objectives, such as facilitating Arab trade and combating commercial fraud and parallel economy, which are in the interest of citizens and the Arab economy.

The protocol included several areas of joint cooperation between the two parties, including the preparation of studies and researches and provide consultancy and provide data & services for the process of opening markets in the Arab countries, in order to create cooperation opportunities supporting manufacturers, companies, exporters, importers, customs brokers, the community of businessmen and economic dealers in the Arab countries, in addition to organizing training programs - Conferences - Seminars - Workshops, which aim to develop and train human cadres in the subjects that are of mutual interests, especially those that support apply the commercial and economic and customs law directed to  economic dealers in Tunisia and Arab countries, as well as the exchange of experiences between the two parties and the dissemination of economic, industrial and customs culture between the business community and economic dealers, which in turn supports the Inter-Arab trade

At the beginning of signing the ceremony the cooperation protocol, Dr. Mamdouh Al-Rifai thanked Mr. Samir Majoul for hosting, welcoming and providing support and cooperation to achieve mutual goals.

Rifai stressed that the Union will always be a technical supporter to the technical unit of the Agadir Agreement and the private sectors of the countries of the Agadir Agreement in order to activate the approved economic operator. He also pointed to the necessity of operating the electronic system and its role in facilitating Arab trade exchange.

The President During the meeting, proposed a joint seminar with the Tunisian Union and the technical unit of the Agadir Agreement addressed to the Tunisian economic dealers on how to benefit from the Agadir Agreement and the challenges and constraints facing the Tunisian economic agent within the framework of Agadir.

He also explained that the seminar comes within the framework of a series of seminars to be held by the Union with the countries of the Agadir Agreement (Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco and Jordan).

In addition, the President of the Tunisian Union stressed the importance of economic cooperation for the business community and that coordination and cooperation between the two parties will contribute to achieving success in areas of common interest and will serve the Tunisian economic trader and improve the Arab citizen lifestyle.

The ceremony was attended by the Arab Union of Customs Brokers, Dr. Mamdouh Al-Rifai, President of the Union, Ms. Rana Al-Jamal, Director of the Office of the President of the Union, and Dr. Islam Karem, union president  Advisor.

From the Tunisian union, Mr. Mohamed El-Kali, Vice-President of the Union, Mr. Hassan Al-Karawi, Director of External Relations of Arab Countries, Mr. Adel Al-Hamani, President of the Union Chamber of Brokers, and the Secretary General  Ms. Samia Idris